Targeted Case Management

Multicultural Care Centers provides Comprehensive Case Management Services for clients with mental health challenges in need of assistance due to the lack of a natural support system. We ensure that client’s needs are met and that all involved providers are working together towards the common goal of helping the clients function as independently as possible in their community.

  • Adult Targeted Case Management
    Adult case management is designed to assist the client with mental health issues and their families with the coordination, linkage, advocacy and monitoring of services.
  • Child Targeted Case Management
    Provided to children with mental health issues and their families ages 0-17 who are at risk of out of home placement, hospitalization, and/or risk of academic failure.

We can help

Our qualified and professional staff help coordinate services such as;

  • Linking with Medical, psychiatric, and substance abuse services.
  • Advocating for immigration, legal services, financial services, transportation.
  • Monitoring psychiatric appointments and medical compliance.
  • Assist with educational services and vocational training.
  • Provide support for individuals who are overwhelmed and cannot get their basic needs.

All services are provided in several languages with a culturally sensitive customer service focus.