Substance Abuse Services

Intensive Outpatient Program:

Chemical Dependency is a primary, progressive, chronic and potentially fatal disease that produces negative consequences on those who use and the family members who love them.
Multicultural Care Centers’ Intensive Outpatient Program is a comprehensive treatment program that provides assistance to adults, adolescents and their families through the early recovery stages of chemical dependency.
The program’s format allows us to teach within a less restrictive environment, while still developing the individual’s necessary skills to lead a drug and alcohol free life. The outpatient program length is between 12-16 weeks and incorporates group, individual and family counseling, along with psychiatric care for those with mental health needs. We have flexible day and evening programs to accommodate work schedules. Please call us for a free confidential assessment at (305)-454-9214.

Dual Diagnosis/Med Management

Research has shown that combining strategies from the fields of psychiatry and addiction treatment can lower the relapse rate and fosters long-term abstinence. This is why at Multicultural Care Centers we are committed to providing evidence-based treatment for mental illness and substance use disorders that are truly integrated, community-based, individualized, and family-centered. All behavioral health and addictions needs are addresses in one setting, with a team of experts including psychiatrists, social workers, and licensed alcohol and drug counselors to ensure the best possible outcomes. Psychotherapeutic medications, such as antidepressants, anti-psychotic medications and anti-anxiety drugs, are often prescribed as part of a co-occurring disorders treatment program. Anti-addiction medications may also be prescribed to minimize cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Relapse Prevention:

Multicultural Care Centers Relapse Prevention and Recovery Program offers trained professionals who are eager to help clients get through relapse and recovery. We help our clients develop coping skills to avoid relapsing back to using drugs and/or alcohol. The goals is to teach clients coping skills that allows them to “identify, anticipate, avoid and/or cope” with high risk situations, to learn how to keep a single ‘lapse’ from turning into a multiple ‘relapse’ situation, and empower them to feel he or she is really capable of controlling his or her own behavior.

Drug Screening:

Random drug screenings are part of all our substance abuse programs. These tests are conducted through urinalysis, swabs or breathalyzer tests. These are conducted in a private, non invasive and confidential manner.