Mental Health Services

Child and Family Services

Child & Family Services will help clients find effective solutions to the emotional difficulties families experience when faced with difficult behavioral problems. Counseling and psychotherapy works by:

  • Helping strengthen and keep your family together
  • Helping families learn new problem solving skills
  • Improve the coping skills of all family members
  • Teach parenting skills and new ways of managing child behavior
  • Advocate for children in the school and the community
  • Assist families to get other needed services
  • Outpatient Mental Health Services

    Multicultural Care Centers Outpatient Mental Health Services programs offer personalized therapeutic counseling and supportive services for people experiencing emotional distress who can benefit from short-term, solution-oriented psychotherapy. These services include individual, family, couples and/or group therapy, as well as, the availability of psychiatric evaluation and medication management. Services are delivered in an office setting or onsite setting (in the home or school) utilizing the latest approaches to alleviating symptoms of psychological disorders, behavioral challenges and stress related issues. Our services are individualized to meet individual and family needs. Multicultural Care Centers strives to meet the needs of our communities through training, consultation, and specialized therapy programs. Therapy sessions are private and confidential.

    Outpatient Psychiatric Services

    We offer Psychiatric Services for persons of all ages who are struggling with the persistent and complicated symptoms of anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. Service in this program include diagnostic evaluation, psychiatric assessment, and crisis intervention to adults who have a history of chronic mental illness. Psychiatric treatment and medication management are available through our licensed psychiatrists, as well as, our highly qualified psychiatric nurse practitioners.

    Psychosocial Rehabilitation

    PSR is guided by the basic philosophy of rehabilitation which holds that people with disabilities need opportunities to identify and choose for themselves their desired roles in the community with regard to living, learning, working and/or participating in social environments. Multicultural Care Centers PSR Program focuses on three main areas of recovery: basic living skills development, psychosocial skills training, therapeutic socialization. Our classes offer support in acquiring basic skills crucial to mental health recovery and personal empowerment. We also offer educational classes that address topics such as building self-esteem, problem solving, healthy boundary setting, learning about one’s diagnosis, stress reduction, increasing self-confidence, wellness and recovery & resiliency.