Multicultural Care Centers

We are Multicultural Care Centers, a behavioral health organization committed to excellence. A quality driven organization focused on delivering services to support and strengthen our culturally diverse community. Leading the industry through an individualized service approach and fostering an environment in which the individuals and families we serve will thrive, resulting in recovery, self-sufficiency and independence.

Multicultural Care Centers provides assistance with Substance Abuse (alcohol and other substances) and Mental Health for Adults, adolescents and children. Our mission is to help individuals recover from the effects of mental illness and drug dependency; to reclaim their emotional, psychological and physical health; to reintegrate with their families; and to become productive members of society.

Substance Abuse Services

Intensive Outpatient Program:

Chemical Dependency is a primary, progressive, chronic and potentially fatal disease that produces negative consequences on those who use and the family members who love them...

Dual Diagnosis/Med Management

Research has shown that combining strategies from the fields of psychiatry and addiction treatment can lower the relapse rate and fosters long-term abstinence....

Drug Screening

Random drug screenings are part of all our substance abuse programs. These tests are conducted through urinalysis, swabs or breathalyzer tests...

Relapse Prevention

Multicultural Care Centers Relapse Prevention and Recovery Program offers trained professionals who are eager to help clients get through relapse and recovery...

Mental Health Services

Child & Family Services

Child & Family Services will help clients find effective solutions to the emotional difficulties families experience when faced with difficult behavioral problems. Counseling and psychotherapy works by...

Outpatient Mental Health Services

Multicultural Care Centers Outpatient Mental Health Services programs offer personalized therapeutic counseling and supportive services for people experiencing emotional distress...

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Group

PSR is guided by the basic philosophy of rehabilitation which holds that people with disabilities need opportunities to identify and choose for themselves their desired roles in the community with...

Outpatient Psychiatric Services

We offer Psychiatric Services for persons of all ages who are struggling with the persistent and complicated symptoms of anxiety, depression and other mental health issues...

client testimonials

  • I love you guys and you really help me a lot !

    RO 12 years old male, OP mental Health
  • Cristalina has been great help while I have been here.  She has been very attentive to my mental and emotional needs.

    JL, female 89 years old, PSR client
  • The staff was truly excellent, and extremely helpful.

    OR Female, 52 Outpatient Mental Health
  • The whole experience helped me in ways I cannot express with words.  Thank you all!!!

    MR Male, 63 OP Mental Health
  • It’s just a very positive place, and really outgoing staff.

    JM Male, 16 year old , IOP Substance Abuse
  • My PSR  group was very helpful. My therapist helped me learn a lot about myself. I appreciate how active and involved they were with everyone. It is clear that they truly do care about their patients and is deeply motivated.

    VM 23 year old female, PSR client
  • The counselors have been amazing and helped me learn the life skills I need and how to handle and live stable. My depression and anxiety has greatly lessened since being here. Amazing feeling to be happy again.

    DR 32 year old female, PSR client.
  • Multicultural Care Centers is the best. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else or have anyone else go anywhere but here. Sincerely.

    GM 61 year old male, PSR client
  • I feel that my life is back on track and I have a direction for the future.

    NM 34 year old female, IOP Addiction Recovery

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